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The Queen's House at Greenwich is particularly close to my heart and so I have dedicated this section to the magnificent Grade One heritage ancient monument.

Late 1975, I attended my inaugural art school lecture and the very first slide was a picture of The Queen's House - a structure that changed the architectural landscape of our nation.

The Inigo Jones design has survived many development phases since 1616, yet externally the house is immediately recognisable today as little changed from Wenceslaus Hollar's 'View of Graenwich' c.1637.

Inigo Jones is a rather a forgotten figure in the general public domain and even seen as slightly obscure in the annals of architecture.

I was born in Shoreham, the constituency for which Jones was returned to Parliament in 1621 and living on his QH doorstep I feel a close affinity.

I perceive Inigo equally enigmatic as the villa he devised four centuries ago and over the last few years my research has thrown up some intriguing stuff, inspiring me to set up my unofficial twitter account 'Not Quite The Queen's House'.

Between 2011-12 I was very fortunate to serve as a Room Guide, where volunteering duties ignited my profound interest in the stories, secrets and characters linked to this wonderful building.

In setting up this section, my prime objective is to deliver a QH timeline which may act a as a one-stop reference for those researching the wider Queen’s House narrative.

Additionally, I will be sharing more personal thoughts and suggestions regarding the management and promotion of this historic architectural gem. Some things you just can't cover in 140 characters on Twitter.