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“know your value, not your price”

“Fine and Art are now undeniably incompatible”

“discernment is the greatest lost art”

“the culture sector needs mavericks, not marketeers”

“without struggle, you will truly never feel anything”

“the business of art is now far divorced from the product”

“everything is new, to those who desperately want it to be”

“tell it like it is, or no one will ever hear it like it is”

“life is a journey, art is an occasional glance to either side”

“beware of collaboration, it can damage the purity of concepts”

“don’t confuse brand with character, only one is worth building”

“art critics are only there to give credit where its probably not due”

“we are all so very important, right up to the moment when we are nothing”

“visual saturation has plunged us into a phase of confusion and mediocrity”

“all creative work is contemporary at one point, but a second later it isn't”

“the cameraphone is a lethargic weapon in the hands of the visually illiterate”

“behind every great curatorial interpretation, there's an egocentric with an agenda”

“always follow your heart, for it will take you to places that your mind can only dream of”

“if you take something out of context, remember to put it back when you've finished with it”

“don’t be satisfied with just unlocking crony cultural networks, we should 'blow the bloody doors off'”

“optimists should acknowledge Newton’s 3rd law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”