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29 October 2016 - QH article 001: ban 

For the benefit of my twitter followers who have enquired why I am not currently allowed in The Queen’s House, here’s the short story…

Earlier this year Royal Museums Greenwich accused me of being abusive towards at least one member of their staff. Despite the museum identifying the incorrect date of the alleged incident, I duly submitted a detailed account of events to refute the claim. Over two months on, I still await a reply.

I suggested to RMG that it was the unwarranted action of staff that initiated a slight altercation, by erroneously insisting I was not permitted to take photographs or video. In defending my right to gather such material like any normal visitor, I was subjected to public humiliation and embarrassment. I assured RMG that my conduct was at all time appropriate and correct, stating categorically that I posed no physical threat, articulated no verbal abuse and certainly uttered no profanities. Additionally, I asked the museum to review their CCTV footage in order to substantiate my version of events. Having unsuccessfully petitioned RMG to examine video data on a previous occasion, after 8 weeks I have now resorted to a full formal request through the Freedom of Information Act.

Some might say that the treatment I receive from this institution, may simply be a reaction to my outspoken opinion of their management and decision making. However, I understand that RMG fully embraces the Museum Association’s Code of Ethics which upholds to “treat everyone equally, with honesty and respect“ & “support freedom of speech and debate", so I couldn’t possibly comment... yet.

Please watch this space for the lengthening story.