Mobirise alternative



I create stuff spanning the traditional and digital divide, that wonderland where your feet may be on terra firma while your head is in the 'cloud'.

In the field of visual communication I have been many things and definitely called many more!

I like to think of myself as a maverick, but then again don't we all.

I still exercise the creative juices and tax the little grey cells with pet projects. But always remain available for consultation on initiatives that seek to bring culture capital to wider audiences.

The road has been long yet the quest is consistent - visual exploration in a vaguely aesthetic framework. My creative toil is based on a solid fusion of concept and context, the potential of which has expanded following studies in Visual Effects.

Nowadays I predominantly simulate objects which can accommodate presentational data, seeking to introduce educational material in appropriate and inspirational format. My approach to painting is similarly adaptive and I invite viewers to search beyond the visual stimulation. Well, it's a plan :)

I favour character over reputation and value conscience above career. Sounds crazy, but I've found it the best way to edge nearer integrity and until someone convinces me that honest collision doesn't trump dishonest collusion, I'll keep faith.

I am outspoken on Twitter, not least when delivering random broadsides across the bows of the culture sector, which I believe would benefit from far greater critical challenge.

Grumpy old man or rebel with reasonable cause? You decide.

*Please note: this site is under construction